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Moving the Doodlebug

The Doodlebug, sitting on the bright yellow trolley, has been moved back into position for the new season. 

The Doodlebug is a perfect replica down to the exact number of rivets. A lot of elder visitors to the museum remark how they remember the screeching noise of the Doodlebugs coming over, and then the silence which meant it had reached the target and would cause a large explosion any second.

Volunteer, Ken was operating the telehandler, whilst Steve, Roger and Les positioned the Doodlebug.

New Rides For Children

Les has spent many hours restoring children's rides through the winter, and an excellent job he has made too.

The one in the photo is a R.A.F scooter ready and waiting for its first customer.

I think that these will be really well used and enjoyed by visiting children.

Well done, Les.


For the second year running Cornwall has been hit by snow. It wasn't forecast and came as quite a surprise.

Needless to say not a lot got done on Friday.

Thank you Steve for the photos.