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Christmas is here once again, the time seems to have gone so fast this year. From everyone at the museum we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and a happy and peaceful 2019.

Another new item for the shop next year

Les and I have been working on new items for sale in the shop next year. You've already seen some of the slate coasters, but here is the first attempt at making a clock out of slate. This design has the compass points instead of the hours and has a Wellington bomber on it. Over the winter we'll be working on other designs.

The Christmas Dinner

Last week was the Christmas dinner which is always a wonderful night. It takes quite a while to clean all the silver and make sure that the tables are set properly. Sheila does all the cooking and deserves a medal for the gorgeous meals that she achieves single handed each year. The red brick fireplace is original and was the only thing remaining of the officer's recreation Nissen hut. When you look down the room in all it's glory you can almost see those RAF officers standing at the fireplace with their glass of beer and  smoking a pipe. I couldn't attend this year but will try and get some photos of the evening. In the mean time this how it looks before everyone arrives.