Another new addition to the museum this year is the PAP 104 MK 5 ROV - 1984 Tripartite Class Mine Hunting/Killing Vehicle.

In case you can't magnify the photo of the information it reads:

Type: ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle
Max Depth: - 300m
Max Speed: - 6 Knots
Commissioned: - 1984
Length: - 2.7m
Beam: - 1.2m
Draft: - 1.2m
Crew: - 0
Displacement: - 1t
Displacement full: - 0t
Propulsion: - Batteries

Sensors/EW: - Generic Explosive Charge Mine Disposal - Mine Neutralisation, Explosive Charge Mine Disposal, Max Range: 0km

Generic LLTV - (Submarine, 3rd Gen, Mine Reconnaissance) Visual, LLTV, Mine Reconnaissance, Max Range: 01km.

Generic Mechanical Cable Cutter Mine  Sweep - (Submarine, 3rd Gen, Mine Reconnaissance) Mine Sweep, mechanical Cable Cutter, Max Range: 0km.


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