Davidstow Airfield

Following a comment received about the museum logo I thought you'd like some details about the remains of the Davidstow airfield.

Davidstow airfield today is very much a collection of derelict R.A.F WWII buildings dotted about the remains of the three runways.

As common land,farmers are allowed to let their animals graze there so there are always sheep and ponies around.

With the right to roam classification you can walk on the airfield and even climb up to the first floor of the old control tower. The three runways are full of potholes so walk carefully.

During July, August and September each year the museum runs an airfield tour every Thursday afternoon on our electric bus named Marlene. The tour lasts for about 2 hours, covers everything of interest and you'll be amazed at tales of what went on there during the war. Stories that are funny, poignant and full of facts. These tours are extremely popular and as there only 10 seats on the bus we always advise that you book well in advance by ringing the telephone number shown on the museum website and leaflets. Sorry, no dogs allowed on the bus.
The control tower

One of the runways

Airfield  buildings

The "locals"on a day of liquid sunshine.


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