Moving The Hunter And Gannet

Once the construction of the hangar had begun and the floor was completed it was time to move the Hunter and the Gannet in. After the front hangar panels had been erected there wouldn't be sufficient room to move them in.

The Gannet was moved first, a relatively easy job as she had been near the hangar and was virtually straight line move.

The Hunter had stood by the R.A.F flagstaff and her journey would be a little more complicated. She had to be lifted over 2 buildings and parked up in between the water tower and another building. A very skilled job by the crane operator. Then the crane had to move forward, pick her up, turn her 360 degrees over the car park and then forward as far as she would go. The final part was to move the crane again, raise her and turn her around so that she was tail first into the hangar. From then on it was man & woman power helped by the Manitou.

Steve had a plan of how they should be parked and in the end it wasn't far off.

The Gannet being parked.

The beginning of the Hunter's journey.

Placing her between a building and the water tower.

Turning her round.

Heading for the hangar.

The plan.

Nearly there.

Finally in place.


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