Spitfire Buttons

Yesterday I met up with a friend of mine who, after a visit to the museum in the summer, looks out for things to donate to us.

Along with some buttons from her late father's Royal Navy uniform, Lis gave me 5 little Spitfire buttons. The buttons are actually made from the perspex of a Spitfire canopy. A very unusual donation which is much appreciated.


  1. Wow, what an insight those buttons give into how things were back in the 1940's (if that's when they stem from). It must have taken a lot of time to craft those, and the fact that they're made from part of a Spitfire makes them something special. 70 year later they must be very rare. It got me wondering what other items were made at that time from parts of RAF aircraft, and wouldn't it be grate if your museum could have them on display.


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