3 Incredible Military Inventions

Recently the museum had a visit from the Forces TV crew to film some of our more unusual items, or as the TV crew put it; 3 Incredible Military Inventions That You Wouldn't Believe Existed.

In this video they covered a gun from a German U-Boat, a Link trainer and a pigeon parachute.

The gun is absolutely huge and thought to be the only one remaining in the world.

 The Link trainer will be carefully restored by a team of volunteers. It's thought to be a very early one as it has a joy stick rather than a wheel. 

The pigeon parachute is a genuine WWII one which has been brought back to life with the aid of a cardboard box and some sticky back plastic, somebody watched too much Blue Peter!

The link should take you to the video on YouTube where you'll hear Steve with his Cornish accent describing these three items   https://youtu.be/p7ANtkGWFQE

This is the interior of the Link trainer to be restored. The plastic boxes contain nuts & bolts, not somebody's lunch.

The interior of the Link trainer.  


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