Filming "Mir" At The Museum

Last year a film production company, Olaus Roe, approached Steve and Sheila to see if they could film some scenes for their forthcoming film Mir at the museum.

In one scene Steve had to drive one of his military vehicles at a bicycle belonging to the heroine of the film and knock it over. Dressed for the part in a Russian hat, Steve did the rehearsal and finally it was ready to shoot. The first run wasn't just right so it was set up again for the second take which went perfectly.

 The production team were really great people and it was very interesting to see how a film is made.

Olaus Roe have said that the film has a long post production phase and isn't quite ready to go to air yet. We hope that they'll tell us when and where we can see it when completed.

Preparing the scene.

Filming the first piece.

Steve hits the bike.

Perfectly wrecked.

The team with Steve 3rd from left with his Russian Hat..

A bit of post filming fun.


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