Sparks Flew

It was cold yesterday on top of the moor, the temperature only reaching 4 degrees at the most. But we're a hardy lot and got on with what needed doing.

Steve was outside with contractors laying the foundations for another building - more on that at a later date.

Inside the hangar we were painting, de-rusting and Roger was making sparks fly. We think he was only doing that to try and keep warm!

It's got to the stage where items we've worked on are being completed and looking very good. 

The mobile control tower is completely painted and ideas are being to emerge about what scene to create with it. The cradle for the V1 has been painted and will really show off the V1 when they're reunited. The Gannet paint job is getting there slowly, there's a lot of plane to paint and the lettering and roundels take a long time to do.

There's still a lot to do before opening for the season at the end of March but somehow we'll get it all done.

Roger making sparks fly


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