Uncle John's Penknife & Glasses

My uncle John is 94 and although he can't make the journey from London to the museum he is a great supporter of it and donates his wartime items when he comes across them.

Recently he has sent his R.A.F issue penknife and his R.A.F glasses.

The penknife was made in 1943 and would have been attached to a lanyard which in turn was attached to an epaulette. On one blade you can see the year of issue and the broad arrow which denotes that it is an official military item, and on the other blade you can see very faint marks for every 4/10ths of an inch. It's in wonderful condition and will be put on show ready for the coming season.

The official service glasses were especially made so that they could be worn whilst wearing a gas mask. It would be no good being able to breath if you couldn't see where you were going. These are 74 years old and will go on display this year.

R.A.F penknife with broad arrow.

Both blades of the penknife.

Official service glasses.

Glasses and case.


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