It's so cold.

It was so cold at the museum on Friday, about 5 degrees not including the wind chill factor. Being 1000 feet above sea level and on top of Davidstow Moor you wouldn't expect anything else. 

The hangar doors were wide open to let the fresh air in and you could hear the wind howling around the building. My job for the day was to paint the struts of the wheel under the wing of the Fairey Gannet. Lying on the concrete floor to paint was painfully cold, but it's the little details that are so important and it had to be done.

I shouldn't really moan as poor Sheila was outside in the bitter cold painting the entrance gates bright red. The gates look great now and will really contrast well when we raise the RAF flag and the Union flag beside them when we open.

No photos this time as my fingers were too cold to work my camera.

It's only a few weeks until we open for the season. Exact dates of opening and any special events will be on the blog as soon as they are confirmed.

In the meantime thank you for your interest in this blog, it is going better than we ever expected with 998 views since it started in December. 


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