French School Visit

The museum hosts quite a few school visits during the year.

 WWII is now on the education schedule as part of history lessons and a trip to the museum gives the children a valuable insight as to what it was like during the war in their own county of Cornwall.

Yesterday we had our first international school visit from the College General de Gaulle, near Metz and Nancy, in the east of France.

Despite the language barriers the visit went very well with the children and teachers enjoying themselves. Mike had printed extra guide sheets in French ( we always have guide sheets in French, German and Dutch to accommodate our visitors) to make it easier for the children to understand a little about the different buildings. Steve went on their coach at the end of the visit to give them a quick tour of the airfield. 

Unfortunately we are not allowed to take photos of children on their school trips to the museum to put on social media. They also have that rule in France. A sad reflection of the world we live in.


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