R.A.F Centenary Celebration

We couldn't believe the beautiful weather we had for the celebration on Sunday, those positive thoughts must have worked.

The ceremony took place at 2pm and was started by a short speech from both Air Commodore John Bessel and Steve. 

The beautiful slate plaques were unveiled by the Air Commodore and a brass plaque commemorating the event was unveiled by Wing Commander Alex Mason Station Commander R.A.F St Mawgan.

The tributes are placed on the old squash court, the three plaques on the apex and a wonderful clock tower on the roof which has an R.A.F clock and the most superb copper bi-plane as a weather vane.

The plaques commemorate the Royal Naval Air Service, the Royal Flying Corps and the R.A.F, thus recording the history of  military aviation in the United Kingdom. The plaques are made out of slate and are embellished in gold. 

In the afternoon sunshine it looked spectacular.

Steve and Sheila planned all of this and made sure it was an anniversary to remember. They should be very proud of the day they achieved and the tribute that they have given to the Royal Air Force and those that went before it.

The copper weather vane.

From a different angle.

Left to right; Sheila, Wing Commander Alex Mason, Steve and finally Air Commodore John Bessel.

All tributes unveiled.

The plaques and slates.

Brass commemorative plaque.

The Royal Flying Corps slate.

The Royal Naval Air Service slate

The Royal Air Force slate.


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