Yesterday was a grey, cold and windy day at the museum.

However, we had visits from people brave enough to put up with the cold. Amongst them were two couples with their beautiful rescue dogs, Marley and Buddy.

Marley is an 11 year old Dalmatian who really doesn't look his age and was rescued by a lovely couple from St Albans. Marley chose a black and white bandana that represents the Cornish flag.

Buddy is a gorgeous 2 year old black Labrador who had been rescued from a home where he hadn't been taken for walks.He now has a loving home where he gets many walks. Buddy settled for a bandana with boats on it as he was at the seaside.

They both happily posed for photos.

Remember that we are totally dog friendly and always have a doggy biscuit jar in the guard room with a treat for your canine friend.




  1. What brilliant bandanas. Both dogs look super smart in them.

    1. Thank you, Kovac. The dogs were so well behaved it was a pleasure to have them visit.

  2. What super dogs - it is good to read that you are a dog-friendly museum

    1. Thank you, Lisl. So many owners now bring their dogs on holiday with them that it's only right we should make their canine companions welcome.

      We have an "Animals At War" room where all the animals roles in warfare have been acknowledged for the vital parts they have played through the years, and right up to the present day. We do not glorify war, the display is to show the deepest of respect for all the animals, and hope that our visitors can appreciate their sacrifices and bravery.

  3. Great dog pics!! Well behaved dogs on a lead are always welcome.

    1. Had a great time at this gem of a museum ,we will be back next year Marley the Dalmatian loved his new bandana also the biscuits.


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