The Officer's Recreation Room

Building number 11 is on the site of an original Nissen hut. The first half of this building is given over to a variety of displays and exhibits from jungle warfare to maps of the D-Day landings.

As you go through number 11 you'll come to some double doors. Open them and you'll see the Officer's Recreation Room, recreated to how it would have been. At the far end of the room there is a red brick fireplace. This was the only piece of the original building left having been buried by "farmyard" waste for years.

All the mannequins have been dressed in uniforms and clothes in the style of that era. The furniture, crockery, cutlery etc is all genuine military issue and has been collected over the years.

Every winter everything is cleaned and the mannequins stored in a heated room to avoid the cold and damp of a winter on the moor.

It's one of the most popular rooms at the museum, and it's nice to think that amongst all the horrors of war there were a few hours when the servicemen could relax and have some colour in what must have been a very grey world.

Looking down the room.

Looking down the room

The brick fireplace.


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