Mindless Vandals

None of us at the museum really have the words to describe how we feel about the mindless vandalism that has been done to the control tower on Davidstow airfield.

Two days ago mindless idiots decided to set fire to the control tower building using piles of car tyres. The outside of the building has been blackened and the external render, which has lasted since 1942, has exploded outwards.

Inside the building stinks of the fire, and the walls and ceilings have been blackened.

These idiots just don't realise what an absolute insult, and how dis-respectful this is, to the memory of the men and women that served here in WWII. The airmen were probably younger than these vandals, and yet they were prepared to go up night after night, and maybe pay the ultimate sacrifice, so that future generations could have the freedom that we enjoy today in this country. These morons think that the world has ended if they can't get a signal on their mobile phone.

My late father flew from Davidstow during WWII. He was known as the baby of the crew due to his young age. His generation gave up their boyhood to become men prematurely to keep this country free, and this is how some of the current generation show their gratitude. Dad and his crew talked to the men and women in this tower, they were guided for take off and, for landing on their way back from hours of flying. It is such a special place, full of their memories.

One can only hope that there is such a thing as Karma.

The pile of tyre remains and the blackened and exploded rendering of the control tower.


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