World War 1

Buildings 8 and 8A are home to the museums exhibits of  World War 1.

Building 8 has a short film about WWI and exhibits of trench art, and medals, and maps of the trenches.

8A has been made to feel like you are walking through the trenches. It's dark and the route turns and twists like the real trenches did. When you first walk in you see an Officer standing up ready to blow his whistle and go over the top with his men.

Further in you come across a "cave", a room that the men had dug out of the ground in the trenches. It was small, damp and dark, and riddled with rats and lice, but it's where they had to live whilst in the trenches. Often without candles or lamps to see what they were doing they made the discovery of the European Glow Worm. If they could catch 10 of these little bugs during the day and put them in a glass container at night the whole cave would be lit well enough to read and write.

Conditions were brutal during WWI and we hope that this building gives an idea as to how the men survived.

Ready to go over the top.

Inside a "cave."


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