Royal Visit

As I  explained on the previous post I wasn't at the museum for the royal visit due to a family crisis.

Les has kindly emailed some photos so I'll get them on this post.

Steve said that Her Royal Highness was an absolute delight and, from the photos, she  looks a very kind and gentle lady. Her visit was scheduled for 45 minutes but she was adamant that she wanted to see so much and refused to leave when her aides were telling her that it was time to go.

Two of Steve and Sheila's grandchildren, Bertie aged 6, and little Elsie aged 2, presented Princess Alexandra with flowers and a DVD and a book about the museum. I think that they may have stolen the show as they look so adorable.

Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra inspects Steve's medals.

Princess Alexandra meets Sheila.

Princess Alexandra meets Steve.

2 year old Elsie presenting her flower to the princess.

6 year old Bertie presents the book and DVD to Her Royal Highness.

Princess Alexandra signs  the guest book. A beautiful lady.


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