The Museum Train

The last couple of years have been an ongoing saga trying to get the train to run smoothly.

The engine was stripped out and new bearings ordered. The bearings became a saga in their own right. The first ones made were the wrong size. Then the order got lost on the way from the manufacturers to the museum. All in all it took close to a year to get the bearings and train reunited.

After all that the train proved impossible to start. Nothing could get the engine turning over at the right speed to keep it running. In the end, after months of persistence, the train was at last running.

This train was built in 1943 and would have been used at military depots. However, almost identical trains were used in the trenches during World War I.

Boys will be boys and whilst we had a few quiet minutes one afternoon Steve took Les and Roger for a ride on the track.

Steve and Les


Steve and Roger


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