Armistice Day 2018

Despite being closed to the public the museum still recognises the memory of those that served in wars and those that have since passed on. A poppy is placed by the R.A.F standard for everyone.

The boys became men almost overnight, their faces show how much they changed in just a couple of years of warfare.

Excuse my personal indulgence with the photos of my father who changed so much in 2 years. Top left in training and top right 2 years later. He served at R.A.F Davidstow Moor briefly and his medals are there where he wanted them to be.

Aged 90 he stood beneath the frame at the museum where his photo is in his training uniform, top row, second from left. He passed away 6 weeks later.

The people who served in WWII are becoming fewer with each passing year. It's so important to talk with them and record their memories for future generations to learn from. We must never forget them.


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