Time to remember

This year is the 100th anniversary of the First World War, the Great War that people said would never happen again.

On the 11th of November at 11 o'clock a minutes silence will be held over much of the world as we remember the people who gave their lives for our freedom.

 Not only those who were in the armed services,but the women who worked in factories for ammunition and building the planes. Those that worked in the volunteer services that manned the anti aircraft guns, the fire wardens, the women of the VAD, the Voluntary Aid Detachment who gave first aid on the streets, the Home Guard and so many more.

Remember too the animals that were sacrificed during both wars. They had no choice but to serve, but they were heroes too. Without the horses and mules for the transportation of ammunition and supplies, the dogs who had so many varied tasks from keeping the trenches clear of rats, to laying communication cables, taking messages and assisting in first aid, and the pigeons that carried such vital messages, the outcome of both wars could have been so different.

We shouldn't only think of all this on one day a year, but rejoice in the freedom we have every day.

Take some time to think about these souls before the 11th November. They deserve so much more than one minute a year.

Wear your poppy with pride.  


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