Working Hard

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful sunny day and just right to get on with all the closed season work.

Having the weather to be able to paint outside this time of year is a real blessing and means that we can really crack on with maintenance. Being so near the sea, and being hit by winter storms means that painting is an annual necessity.

The gates needed another coat of bright red paint to make sure they really stand out, so Mike and I were delegated that job.

The mannequins are all kept in one heated room over winter to protect them from the damp. Steve was moving them to their rightful places for the new season, I'm not sure that the Wren enjoyed her journey.

When it's so bright it's very hard to get good photos as you have to snap the moment regardless of where the sun is. So apologies for the quality of the pictures.

Just a reminder, the museum doesn't open until Easter. We had to turn quite a few visitors away yesterday. We appreciate that it's half term for schools, but whilst we're working and moving heavy items we can't let visitors in because of health and safety regulations.


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