Indian Cinema Benches

One of the more unusual finds for the museum this year is a pair of Indian cinema benches that have been given a new lease of life as the back seats for the Roxy cinema.

The benches come from a cinema in Calcutta and date to around the early 1900's.

Made from teak with iron legs and arms, the benches were made for a family to occupy with graduating seat sizes. At the far end (looking straight at them) are two small sizes for children, then comes the larger size for the wife and lastly the largest size for the husband.

The iron work has been protected with paint and the woodwork has been oiled to help preserve it.

Behind the benches you can see a collection of old film projectors, and the walls are covered in  posters for films, mainly for WWII films and some later ones.

During the open season there is a looped DVD playing in the Roxy cinema showing how the museum has grown to what it is today. The building renovations, the construction of new buildings, arrivals of new items for display etc. Each season the DVD is updated with landmark events that have happened in the last season. It gives the viewer a much better idea of what the museum is about, and the total passion and dedication of Steve and Sheila that has made it into the incredible place it is today.


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