Volunteers & their dogs

Yesterday was a day of getting everything ready for the opening of the 2019 season on the 30th of March - just 2 weeks away. It's a state of organised chaos not suitable for photos.

For a bit of fun we thought we'd show the volunteers dogs this week. Contrary to the old adage, none of us look like our dogs, especially Les and his Chihauhau, Paddy.

First up is 3 year old terrier Spot who belongs to Ken. Spot loves everyone and gives Ken instructions on driving the vehicles.

Les has Paddy the Chihauhau. Love the look of surprise on Paddy's face.

Hamish the Westie belongs to J.B and obviously finds toilet rolls far better than any dog toy.

Lastly my Labrador, Carrek. He'll be 12 in May and loves his walks.


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