WWI U-Boat Gun

This U-Boat gun from the first World War could well be the only one of it's kind left.

It was handed over to the museum by Mr W Stevenson of Newlyn after one of his trawlers, Philomena, had brought it up in her nets whilst 90 miles off the coast of south west Cornwall. This is where records show that U-41 sunk.

The gun is a KRUPP Ubts L/30 8.8cm gun, mounted on a KRUPP disappearing mount. It's believed that it was fitted on U-Boat 41.

U-41 was a member of II flotilla:

Length O.A 64.7 meters.
Weight 97.1 tons.
Range 8790 miles surfaced.
                80 miles submerged.
Power (Diesel) 1850HP
Power (Electric) 1200HP

28 ships sunk - total tonnage 58,648 tons
1 ship damaged - 4,409 tons
1 ship taken - 355 tons.


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