Apologies for the summer break...it got busy!

Apologies for the length of time between the last post and this one.

Summer was incredibly busy despite the not so good weather.

We've found that on wet days the museum is the go to place for holiday makers. Apart from walking between the buildings it's a relatively dry day out.

We've had visitors from all over the world and all over the UK. It's enjoyable meeting and talking with our visitors, and listening to the memories that the museum has evoked with some of our guests. On Wednesday this week I learned just how small the world is. I was enjoying a conversation with a really nice guy when somehow it came about that we'd both been at the same school (on the other side of the country), at the same time back in the early 1970's.What were the chances of that? 

From now on hopefully there will a post every week as we wind up this season at the end of October and work our way through the winter for new displays and items next year.


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