Open again

Steve and Sheila are pleased to say that the museum is now open for the 2020 season.

As you'll understand there are restrictions in place and these must be strictly adhered to.

During the lockdown the volunteers kept working, at a safe social distance of course, and much has been achieved due to the extra months of work time being available.

There are many new items and displays all waiting for you to pay a visit.

Markers, arrows, hand sanitisers and signs are throughout the museum. Because of the way that the museum is laid out there should be minimum inconvenience for visitors.

PLEASE NOTE when you visit it is crucial that the social distance of 6ft with the volunteers and other visitors is kept to. It's imperative that none of us are in the situation that could compromise us if a visitor could be incubating the virus  and later test positive for it.

Other than that please enjoy your visit with us.

PS. The comments system for this blog has been updated and can be included on all posts. So please feel free to send us a comment, which as long as it's polite will be published.


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